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My 6 year old son was showing some interest in playing golf. Rather than have a hacker like me teach him the fundamentals, I was looking for a professional to show him the ropes and Diane was recommended to me. I could not be happier with this decision. Diane had a perfect balance of fun and learning in her sessions that kept my 6 year old actively engaged throughout, which is not an easy task. She gave drills and games that was easy for my son to follow and he was excited to play these games with me and unknowingly was improving his fundamentals. He cut 20 shots from this 9 hole score in just a few months and we look forward to working with Diane for years to come. No matter your age or skill set, I would highly recommend taking lessons with Diane to help improve your golf game.
-- Vince

My golf lesson journey with Diane beganin the spring of 2010 when I noticed an announcement for a golfclinic that would cover full swing instruction as well as golffitness. That concept of covering both swing and fitness resonatedwith me, and so my journey began. I think I have taken every type oflesson that Diane offers (e.g., indoor winter lessons, semi-privatelessons, clinics and on-course playing instruction), and all provideexpert instruction at a great price. Through those years I have hadthe opportunity to watch Diane provide instruction to golfers of allskill levels and ages. Diane has the ability to take your golf goals,your level of commitment and your current swing and mold that swinginto something you can enjoyably use for a lifetime of golfenjoyment. My golf swing, flexibility and golf fitness are all somuch better as a result of my lessons with Diane. Thanks Diane!
– Mike

"Seven years ago I decided to take up golf. A friend recommended that I contact Diane Rama for lessons. It was the best advice ever. Diane really knows how to teach. She is very knowledgeable about the game and has a lot of patience. She explains things in a way that you can understand it. She makes the lessons fun. She is great with adults and with kids. I take lessons with her inside during the winter and by spring my game as improved to a point that its noticeable to my playing mates. Her 3-hole playing lessons are very beneficial. She teaches you how to handle situations on the golf course that you can’t get on a practice range. I truly enjoy golf because of Diane."

"I wanted to play golf so bad-I remember asking my husband, a 40 year veteran to the sport, to teach me and he flat-out refused.  He said the only way to learn golf the "right way" was to take lessons from a professional and with that he handed me the names of two LPGA instructors-I chose Diane Rama.
Looking back, I wonder how I was fortunate enough to pick Diane.  From the first moment we met, I knew she was the instructor for me.  Aside from being extremely talented and knowledgable about golf, Diane is calm, patient, unpretentious, easy-going and an excellent teacher.  She has a way of explaining the game using visuals that help your mind break down a swing, chip or putt into its simplest form and if you dump it into the water or the woods she is the absolute last person to criticize or make you feel like you have no business being on a course.  On the contrary, Diane has played side by side with me over the past year, answering every question I have with care and consideration and encouraging me with her undying patience, ease and contagious confidence. 

She just has a way of making golf fun whether it's 40 degrees out or 90.  (And yes- I said 40- cross-country golf anyone?)!!  It's funny how much we can laugh when we're that cold.

She loves the game- what can I say except I LOVE GOLF TOO because of her.  Thanks Diane "
---Amanda - Chalfont, PA

"I have had the privilege of working with Diana from my early junior days to my current professional days.  Her passion and desire for the game of golf is what inspired me to make a career out of the game.  Her simple, yet effective, teaching methods make learning the game fun and enjoyable for players of all ability levels.  Diane is a true asset to the golf industry, and is someone I would highly recommend for golf instruction."

---Brian Rashley, Director of Golf, Stockton Seaview Hotel and Golf Club

"Three years ago I started playing golf and knew immediately I needed a seasoned golf professional to teach me. Diane Rama was highly recommended from many people. When I started with Diane she asked me what my goal was. She looked at my swing and flexibility. Diane has taken me from where I began using creative techniques and continues to improve it through drills, exercises, and practice suggestions. She is very patient and positive which is just what I needed as a new golfer. Diane offers individual lessons for all ages, small group clinics to work on putting, chipping, bunker shots, and full swing. In addition, she does day trips to other courses as well as on course lessons."

"About six years ago, three friends and I, decided we were going to try to golf.  We did not even know how to hold a club, but we had such fun we decided to take lessons.  Diane Rama came highly recommended and we have all been taking lessons ever since.

I cannot explain how much I enjoy the game, but that is truly due to Diane’s skill, diligence, patience and expert knowledge of the game.  Her teaching talents are exceptional.  She was immediately able to target what I needed to work on to improve.  I am still a work in progress, but the groundwork for improvement has been set.  Diane has the ability to work with people of differing abilities and give them all the same attention.  The great thing about her is that she actually knows what she is talking about and understands and truly cares about the results you have out on the course.

If you want to improve your golf game, you know who to call!  I would wholeheartedly recommend Diane Rama to any golfer looking to learn the game or improve their game."
---Carin H Talone

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